Saturday, January 07, 2006

80s Kids

It's not like me to contribute to a meme, but this truly is a masterwork:

Click me to go to Nilzopi's JCB song

It brings a nostalgic tear to the eye of those of us who grew up in the 80s, especially boys who grew up in England in the 80s.

I also wanted to have some record of having found it before everyone (in my country at least) gets completely sick of it!

Mind you, I'm an oldo (and something of an out-of-toucho), so maybe everyone's sick of it already. If that's the case, well at least it's not fucking Crazy Frog.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Ok Ok alright I'll leave a comment! This is my first ever comment and I'm nervous. While wondering what comment to leave I clicked on a couple of links (first two on the page) and either didn't get anywhere or was confused so my comment is about that. Ummmm what else are you supposed to leave on a comment?