Sunday, December 09, 2007

Photos for October

Hey, look at this! Two updates in just one day! You lucky smeggers . . .

Looks like there were a few more things going on in October:
  • The girls went to the circus
  • Alicia had a birthday
  • We went to the Awapuni Donkey Stud Open Day
  • Pop came to visit
  • We planted our veges
  • We took the bike trailer for a blat
All this and more if you'll just click on this picture:

Comment away if you feel like it, email me if not.


afraid said...

Ella looks so much like Rach, doesn't she? And Kristen Bell.

Jill said...

Alex is VERY keen to assess the bike trailer. And also to cuddle Bethan... but aren't we all?

Jill said...

How come these photos didn't come up on my alert thing that I subscribe to?