Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jump Jam!

Welcome to a new and hopefully not short-lived policy of more immediate, shorter posts. This has been brought about at least in part by losing a few photos when the camera got stolen. Maybe this way I'll prevent that happening again, as well as updating this more often?

Tonight we all went to Jump Jam at Betty's school (daycare). Lots of kids, lots of parents:







SAUSAGES were obviously needed after all of that:





Cam said...

We're trying to implement a similar policy... trying to avoid getting back into the situation where we've got 6 months of posts piled up. Good luck to you.

P.S. Gez Beth has grown!

That'll do said...

Nice t-shirt Betty. Maybe you can show us some of those dance moves next time we see you?!

Haszari said...

Lil tables and sausages eh. Cool.

afraid said...

Sweet on all counts - regular takeburn updates, El Destructo exercising in a non-destructive way.

I miss yous a lot.

tonyH said...

Now I have NO excuse to (a) implement long-promised similar policy but also (b) sort out the backlog. Promises...
Not that I'll ever mind having more text to read in a typical discursive blogpost, given the admirable ongoing tweettorrent.

Betty is a star.

Helen Back said...

Nice moves everyone!

cherbrow said...

Very cool Betty!