Saturday, May 20, 2006


I can't remember why I picked this one out. It's great, though. I haven't read the book, although I intend to now.

Steve McQueen is brilliant as usual, although I wonder if he worried about being typecast into prison break movies? Probably not.

Not only is this a great story (based on truth, but no doubt embellished a bit), but the film is beautifully shot as well. Almost every frame seems like it could be printed up and hung on the wall as a piece of art, and the techniques used are striking in both their simplicity and their brilliance.

It's a bit of an epic, but absolutely well worth the effort.

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40's the new 30 said...

That was one of the first 'real' books i remember reading ... my dad had it and recommended it to me ... glad he did. There's another book too, 'Bianca' i think it's called ... about they guy's life afterwards ...