Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This could be the start of something bag. Er, big.

After living in the same rented house for nearly eight years, we have finally saved up enough money to buy a house outright.

Alright, well, not exactly, we had to borrow some money, obviously.

Our new house is in Fairfield. I'm not insane enough to broadcast the address on the mad wide internet, but please email me if you want it.

Here is a picture of the outside:
Image hosted by Paintedover.com
You can click on it to make it bigger if you like.

Here is a picture of the lounge:
Image hosted by Paintedover.com
Please be aware when viewing the large picture that the carpet pattern may trigger seizures.

Comment as to whether you think we should stay with the current minimalist theme, or if we should fill it with all our crap.

Here is a picture of the kitchen:
Image hosted by Paintedover.com
It is powered by gas. The water is powered by gas too. What a gas.

No, I'm not sure why the cupboards all look burnt around the edges.

Here is a picture of the back yard:
Image hosted by Paintedover.com
That is possibly a child's ball in the middle there, or maybe a gigantic grapefruit. You tell me.

Other features include:
  • a two-door garage
  • a two-door toilet
  • a bathroom
  • one bedroom
  • another bedroom
  • a third bedroom
  • upcoming suburb according to the real estate bullshit
We look forward to lowering the tone of the neighbourhood in two weeks' time when we start carting all our junk over there.


mattyboy said...

Nice one! Congratulations.

Love the carpet

afraid said...

That looks pretty bloody good - lots of space etc. Congratulations.

Rainy said...

As instructed under the foto - [ Report this as offensive/mature/broken content. ] - I have reported the carpet as "Mature" content.
Nice work, congrats on conforming to the "Mortgages are compulsory, savings are evil" school of thought.

Helen Back said...

Brilliant. Congratulations to you all! Carpet is excellent although I was hoping for brown, or orange, shagpile to match the kitchen decor.

It's a ball shurely.

Tok Cheese said...

Bout time me old chap & chapette, you little girl will get to have her own back yard. Don't fill it up with oldimps

Kim and Geoff said...

Yay...house warming.

You bought a house, so we bought a house. What are you buying next? Geoff hopes it's a boat, I hope it's a pony.