Monday, May 21, 2007

Bethan meets an Uncle and an Auntie

Bethan's starting to get past the generic grumpy old bloke baby look - she thought you might like to see a few of her different faces. Leave comments about who you think she looks like.

Since Uncle Barns is off to Japan in less than two weeks, Bethan thought it'd be a good idea to meet him before she goes.

She also convinced her Auntie Kendyl to fly up to Hamilton at the weekend to meet her.

Here's a short slideshow:

Let me know if you want a link to the plain photo page as well (like the last couple).

If you want to download any of these in a proper size, they're available on the flickr site. Have a bit of a hunt around and let me know if you want a bit of a guide for how to do it.

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