Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheesy musician

We went to the Hamilton Farters' Marker today, haven't been for a while.

Actually, we went into town so Ella could spend the $5 voucher that Hamilton Toyworld sent her. She had a bit of other cash in one of her 18 wallets/purses, and was looking to put that together with her voucher.

However, we went to the market before Toyworld, and what did Ella decide she wanted to spend $9 of her hard-earned on?


That's right, a round of wax-sealed, handmade Ayrshire Cream cheese from Pirongia's Cloudy Mountain Cheese. Very nice it is too, from the small amount Ella's let us have.

We also did a bit more of the guitar lessons tonight, here's what it looks like:


Just so you know, she asked for it for her (fifth) birthday, completely out of the blue, this is not some helicopter parent (OK, so it doesn't quite fit here, I just love the term) thing. I got the guitar off a workmate whose daughter has outgrown it, it came with a DVD teaching a few things.

Ella is amazingly into this, she doesn't seem to get bored too quickly. She can name all the bits of the guitar, and knows which note each of the strings is, and even seems to have a fair idea when a string is out of tune.

I don't care if she loses interest after a while, getting interested in it in the first place is good enough. I first learnt guitar in Form 2, and didn't go back to it until half way through high school.

Here's a gratuitous Betty bath shot, wouldn't want her to miss out:




Haszari said...

Man cool! And cool dress to go with the guitar too. Seems all 70s.

Listened to the song yet?

If you need someone else to do some pushy music parenting, lemme know, I'm keen. !!

That'll do said...

Ooooo I LOVE this blog post. How cool is Ella to blow all her cash on cheese - love the photo.

Anonymous said...