Friday, June 27, 2008

Sparkle pony

My brother had a birthday at the beginning of this year, I think I sent him my present about 4 months after his birthday


in my defence it was a pretty cool present.

I got one of these kits from Evil Mad Scientist. I bought this thing sight unseen from Amerikkka, and took it on with only the barest of soldering ability.

I got a mate to show me how to solder small components - to my amazement it turned out to be very satisfying, so much so that I was disappointed when there was no more to do. Every soldering attempt in the past has been (a) messy and (b) incredibly frustrating.

I bought a lot of LEDs from here - even at only 25c each, it really adds up when you're buying hundreds.

I got them all soldered on after much deliberating over the layout. In case you don't know, my brother DJs under the name Haszari - he made himself a logo which is essentially an 'H'. This is what I built:


It has a light sensor, so it won't drain those big D cells during the day:


Photos courtesy of Haszari cos I forgot to take any.

P.S. after TOO LONG editing the template for this blog, the photos no longer overlap the words at the side. No worries.


That'll do said...

Hey, these photos are from our house! The light sensor thing does freak me out a bit though - walk into a room and suddenly a big green Haszari logo lights up.... but it's kind of cool too.

Eon said...

Oh cool! I can get you to fix my LED clock which had a disappointing amount of LEDs stop working in a very short amount of time.

Haszari said...

Hey check out the travels of the peggy H! They must have scraped facebook I think.