Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Basket case

Four mornings a week I drop the kids at school, while Rach walks/buses to work. Being lazy, I am almost always rushing about, doing stuff I should've probably done the night before or something.

One day last week I had to chip some of the concrete-hard mud off my bike (I should've cleaned it the minute I got home from my ride, of course), so I left the kids to their own devices inside while I got to work with the jackhammer in the garage (I don't really have a jackhammer).

The eerie quiet that greeted me as I went back inside is normally the precursor of something stereotypically bad, e.g. indelible drawings on the walls, the entire contents of the knife drawer all over the kitchen floor.

Instead, I find the stereotypically cute:

(click for big)

Ella looks slightly guilty here, but once I persuaded her that putting Betty inside the laundry basket (where she was completely happy, as well as being unable to interfere with Ella's dollhouse) was one of her better ideas, she posed with more of a smile:

(click for big)

Kids darn the sayest things.


notHamilton said...

Man I love your carpet, kinda makes the photo look like it could have been taken any time in the last 30 years.

That'll do said...

Aaah, another classic baby-in-laundry-basket photo - although this one has a cute story to go with it.