Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fringe festival

Ella has wanted to have a proper haircut (i.e. done by a qualified hairdresser, at a salon) for quite some time.

She finally got her wish a week or so ago. She has been determined to get a fringe (despite her parents' protests), so here's the result:


I'm not sure if the teenager-style surly pout and exasperated hand-on-hip pose came free with the haircut or cost extra.


That'll do said...

I love it! Why did you protest about having a fringe? It means you get to see her beautiful face all the time... she looks gorgeous.

Haszari said...

Woo!! Model with a half-eaten apple, great look :)

Helen Back said...

Fringe benefits are attitude in spades and more bangs for your buck. NB Amerikans call a fringe 'bangs'.

Word of advice - never cut your own fringe especially using the 'wet and anchor with sellotape' method. It is frighteningly short when it dries.

She looks wonderful.

Eon said...

I watched The Prestige the other day. The little girl on it reminded me so much of Ella! Please feel free to argue if you've seen it and you disagree...