Thursday, August 07, 2008

Half a loaf is better than no bread

Here's a slightly random collection of photos for ya.

First off, here is some very successful baking from a few weekends ago. The bread is the standard Edmonds book recipe, but with one-and-a-half-times the yeast:


The chelsea buns are also from the Edmonds book, only the newer version. The old book says to use scone dough, which seems insane to me:


That was the first go at chelsea buns, and the delicious fantastic result spurred me on to give them another go the following week.

They were nowhere near as good; neither was the bread I made at the same time. Yeast. It is a mystery.

Here is a photo taken on my phone, on the walk to work. I don't even remember taking it, but I like the way the phone hasn't been able to cope with the hugely bright reflection:


This is me trying to capture the threateningly ominous clouds looming over a wet, twilit Hamilton. The phone (being a phone first and a camera second) had other ideas, but I still kinda like the look of it:


Lastly, here's the little-known "Lover" special edition Mercedes SLK:


Click for big and note the badge on the right-hand side of the boot.


Haszari said...

Bread is yum.

It is weird how the alien spaceship appeared right in front of the brightness, saving your camera's ... "retina".

Ahem CCD.

This is a real dorcus comment but I support bloggers.

That'll do said...

Scone dough is not insane!! I have tried many real and made-up recipes with bread dough and think I have come out the other side. Mainly because I think I have some slight intolerance to yeast or gluten that gives me a sore jaw after eating fresh bread which is a shame because I LOVE fresh bread, although maybe it's a good thing because I always eat way too much of it...get too fat and also have a sore jaw.

OK I went off track a little there... What I wanted to say was that lately I've been making cinnamon scrolls with scone dough. Beware these ARE NOT healthy! Make up a scone dough, roll it out and spread a butter, brown sugar, cinnamon mix and then roll it up, slice and bake. The result is a lot like chelsea buns without the raisins (you know Rua wouldn't approve those) but they are so soft and buttery (but not too buttery, if you are careful with the spreading mix). Mmmmmmmmm. One batch I did quite thin with too much butter and they were more like pastries - still yum though.

Anyway I didn't want to you write off scone dough just yet. What recipe are you going to try from the Edmonds this week? Please post photos of whatever it is....I love food photos.