Friday, August 08, 2008

All you can meet

Here's a few photos of the kids, because let's face it, who doesn't love pictures of kids?

Psychopaths, that's who.

Here's Bethan wearing gloves (as opposed to violently shaking her head and refusing to put gloves on at all):


Bethan always comes home from school (daycare) with stuff all over her face. Sometimes it is arranged in interesting patterns.

She is also quite obsessed with her bag - this absolutely MUST be taken with her whenever we go out the door. No one but her is allowed to carry it either.


Betty and Ella are snuggled up to watch - what?


Why, it's High School Musical, of course!

This is not a tent:


It is a library:


Here we see Bethan, Aimee and Ella waiting for their dinner. There is probably some significance in the fact that they're all wearing one-piece pyjamas:


Bethan had a brief fascination with Ella's fire helmet:


On an unrelated note, this series on Fridays on Prime about the Royal Family is fascinating.


Helen Back said...

Love the pictures and keep 'em coming especially the 'walk to work' series.

Eon said...

I know! I so wanna meet the Queen now!