Sunday, January 25, 2009

Down the O.B.

We went back to Oamaru Bay for our holiday this (last) year. We've been there before, as you can tell by the fact that the Volvo and the Hyundai are visible in the Google Maps aerial photo taken two years ago:

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OH YEAH NICE ONE GOOGLE. It's not like I bloody zoomed in before I copied the link or anything. Zoom in on the balloon to see the cars.

Many "How's the serenity?" quotes - with such a horrible, cliched view from the deck, you can see why:


Aimee, Krystal, and Braydyn came with us, but had the hideous stomach thing that was going around at the time and had to go home after a couple of days.

Alex, Millie, Rua, and Jill stayed down the road at Shelly Beach, and Barns joined them after a couple of days, coming over on the ferry from Auckland. Kendyl took the same route on New Year's Eve, and Russell and Clare also stayed at Shelly Beach on the 31st.

Lots of swimming,


we went on the Driving Creek Railway again,


we went to Driving Creek Cafe again and again:


I boke up Driving Creek Road (this leads eventually to Kennedy Bay on the other side of the peninsula), once in the pissing rain, and again in the dry. Coming down was fun but quite dangerous as I'm faster than cars on a windy metal road.

From the top you can see Kennedy Bay itself:


No proof I didn't just drive up and take this photo, but I didn't.

On the way home we went to the Waiau Kauri Grove, which includes the Siamese Kauri. Kauri are truly magnificent and awe-inspiring:


Here's a slideshow of photos (click the picture ehoa):


Thanks go out to Waikato Air Conditioning for making a Volvo cool again.

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