Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A wedding

My dad and his laydee friend of eight years, Angela, decided to get married. They decided this about three weeks before they actually did it. Coupled with it being the middle of the holidays while they were organising everything, it was quite an effort.

Two things made it sensible to get married on January 3rd. Firstly, Angela was very close to getting a teaching job in Doha for a year:

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Apparently it is easier to bring your special friend with you if you are married. I guess we're screwed on that front . . .

Secondly, all three of The Brothers Morris would actually be in the same place (and even in the same place as their parents) for the first time in a long while:



The ceremony was held at Musick Point, a long-time Haszard family haunt. It's a beautiful place, if a little windy that day:


The dudes nonchalantly leaning against the poles are actually struggling to hold down the gazebo and prevent it flying off to sea.

A minor amount of rain, the Angela arrived, suitably late:


She got there in the only vehicle one could reasonably expect:


[insert father-enraging cliche/myth about unreliable French cars making people late]

The girls strew some rose petals (from Springfield Crescent) about the place:



Some bozo signed a document:


. . . and they were married! The vows were quite lovely, I wasn't crying, the wind just whipped some hair into my eyes or something.

All these people were there:


The reception was at the Secret Thai Garden in Otahuhu. Anyone who knows Otahuhu may be gasping here, but this place is nothing short of incredible. Also incredible is the good fortune they had in being able to book the place out at such short notice.

The Brothers Morris were also the best men (obviously), so we had to do a bit of talking as part of this. Barns, in his unruffled, casual way, had taken on the role of MC, which he carried out with aplomb (I don't know where he got a plomb from haha):


As you can see in the photograph above, the sun (or something similarly bright) is in fact shining out of his arse.

The food was superb (and there was tons of it) - including the cake:



A great time was had by all, particularly the kids - I'm sure you remember being a kid at some family event and having a wicked time:






Rach thinks this is a bad photo of her - I think it's a very very nice one. What do you think?


So, now the job in Doha is all set, and they depart on Waitangi Day, leaving their eldest son/stepson with only memories and a Citroen XM.

Here are a couple of slideshows for masochists - ceremony (54 photos):


. . . and the reception (84 photos!):


Thanks to google/blogger for losing the original post and making me retype it.

Actual thanks to 48 bottles of cheap Lindauer and Chang Beer.


Helen Back said...

Great pictures and everyone looks very fine especially Rachel.

I see too that Betty is wearing the heirloom party dress. What kind of magic makes those little girls always be the right size to fit it for special parties?

Thanks for the posting.

That'll do said...

Awwww, man those cakes were yum. Drooool. And all the other food....
What a great day that was.

Tony said...

These are comprehensively tastic fotos. Will get my own post done within a year or two - just managed to log the mac on today when least expected after trials and tribs. Not enraged - if it was my car it might well have made late (viz wedding dam morning), but full respect to Christof and David eh

unklekurt said...

so the 'secret thai garden' is no longer a secret? must now be referred to as 'Thai graden'? Photo-o-Rach is a good'un, nice work