Sunday, February 08, 2009

Benz of an era

A while ago I came to terms with the idea of selling my Merc - this one:

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NOTE: those of you expecting a post about a different topic might want to scroll down a bit.

I'd had the car for about ten years, so it's been a pretty big part of my life, and as you know, cars are people to me anyway. This meant it was a pretty big decision - so much so that when we "had" to get rid of a car a couple of years ago, we barely even considered selling it, and instead sold Rach's Audi.

Probably the wrong decision, in hindsight, but there you go. Mostly I convinced myself it was OK to let the Merc go because I was barely using it, not even 1000 km a year.

Anyway, long story short(ish), I sold it to a young guy who is going to use it (and said he wasn't going to put stupid mags on and lower it or anything). He wasn't lying either - when we were on holiday at Oamaru Bay, Rach 'n' Rua saw it drive past on its way down from the north end of the peninsula, loaded up with dudes.

It's kind of like sending an old dog to a nice farm for retirement, only this time not a euphemism for death.

So, in the spirit of changing things about my life that define who I am, I did this today:

Create your own damn animated gif if you feel like it ehoa

More photos here (click the pic):


[STEALTH EDIT: Pam, Jill - this was not your idea.]