Friday, June 18, 2010

Wacky like a fifties sitcom

Betty's school had a Wacky Hair and Pizza Day. Let me state right now that only the hair was wacky - the pizza was not wacky, nor was it wack.

Rach installed some pig- or pony-tails or whatever and sprayed some pink dots in. Betty looks a bit apprehensive - she was worried that no one else would have wacked out their hair.


Not to worry though, she was not alone (although it's a bit hard to tell in this photo):


Here she is again:


With her friend Maddy - parents went in for the pizza bit too, that's why Rach is there:


Very excited about pizza, although they ALL eat their bits of fruit first, without exception:


Why does she have her eyes shut?


Maybe because her dad was the ONLY PARENT with wacky hair:


The centre manager said I'd get a certificate for this, but I have yet to see it . . .