Friday, September 30, 2005

Say, what's the big idea?

A beautiful, sunny, cloudless morning for the walk to work today.

This presents a slightly odd problem though - what music should I listen to?
  • happy bouncy stuff to complement the skies?
  • slightly depressing stuff as a contrast to make me appreciate the day more?
  • acoustic music - does that fit better with the day (it seems more natural or organic, like the sun)?
  • heavy, distorted guitars and roaring vocals, for the opposite reason?
  • stand-up comedy?
As I have an mp3 player these days, with about two thousand tracks on it, all the above options (and more) are available to me without much hassle.

What did I go for in the end? Random (or Shuffle as Sony insist on calling it) - just no way to decide.

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