Saturday, September 10, 2005

Unfair review #5

Went to see Paris, Texas the other day. Didn't have to go far actually, it was on DVD at my house.

I'm pretty sure this is the first Wim Wenders movie I've seen, and I quite liked it.

It's quite sparse, in all ways, but it gets along OK. Crucially, it made me want to keep watching to see what happens.

The cinematography is beautiful, and there are some really great moments from all the characters.

Being who I am, I loved the dilapidated Ranchero the main character buys and drives from California to Texas - I'm sure it was chosen for the sybolism it provided, but to me it's also a great example of a great car.

This hasn't been much of a review, but it is an great film.


afraid said...

You should see 'Der Himmel uber Berlin', aka 'Wings of Desire'. It's the only Wenders film I've seen, and it is very good. Looks like I should see 'Paris, Texas' then.

Queenie J said...

'Paris Texas' is a great film and the CD of the soundtrack is haunting and beautiful. Wenders also directed 'Buena Vista Social Club'.

There are some great docos now being shown in mainstream locations. There is also a docofest starting in Auks soon. Went to 'My Architect' recently, surprisingly enough showing at a westie filmhaus on their cheap night. Amazing buildings designed by the filmaker's father Louis Kahn. Great designer, indifferent in the emotional arena. Doco highly recommended, no mawkish sentiment in this 'looking for my dad/was my dad an asshole?' journey and terrific footage.