Thursday, September 01, 2005

Faster, pussycat

I've been listening to The Killers quite a bit recently. I've had the album for a while, and thrashed it when I first had it, but it kind of faded away to be swallowed up by the General Random (or Shuffle as my Sony friends prefer to call it), as things do in this mp3player age.

The latest video is great though (as have been all their videos) - it can't be long before we see Brandon Flowers appearing in movies, surely? He has that combination of good looks and seemingly nonchalant arrogance that make him look like he'd be a great actor.

Yeah, a load of crap I know, how can I judge that from a few videos?

Anyway, what I started out to say was that their music (lyrics, melody, everything) seems like the sort of thing that would be very easy to associate with an important part of your life.

I'm not sure I'm getting across what I mean here - you know how particular songs immediately evoke certain periods of your life? For example, any Nirvana instantly takes me back to my late teens, and Space Oddity-era David Bowie takes me waaay back to when I was three or four.

My point (and I may have one) is that you probably don't realise this music for what it is, while it's contemporary. It only becomes this way with hindsight. I know, I know, WTF am I on about - I'm just saying that I may look back on The Killers' current album the same way in a decade or so, and I'm putting a record of that here so I can prove myself right or wrong.

Does anyone else know what I'm on about? Please comment here or email me if you do.

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afraid said...

Yea, exactly the same sort of deal for me. Certain albums have a very deep effect on me, more so (or perhaps just in a different way) than any film, and upon hearing songs from them I am immediately transported in my head back to the period in which I was first listening to it. Radiohead - Kid A is a particularly strong one (you gave me that, cheers eternal); I suppose Arcade Fire would do for now, and Sufjan Stevens for the next couple of weeks.

Oh, and I really like Hot Fuss too. He will be in movies soon, no doubt.